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Why choose BVV to manage your lower extremity wounds?


At Bloomfield Vein & Vascular, we have a well-established reputation for healing wounds that others might find difficult to do so. Dr. Hernandez has qualifications as a wound specialist, which puts him in an unique position to help you. Often, wounds require different approaches to get them to heal. Our strategies differ for each patient, because each wound is different, and as such, the treatment should be individualized:


  • Initial evaluation: lower extremity wounds can be the result of different vascular problems and can sometimes be the result of more than one vascular condition, like when the wound is the result of both an arterial and a venous problem. We begin with a thorough evaluation of your problem, with a focused exam and we use specific ultrasounds to help us determine how best to help you.


  • Specialized wound products: we have access to various dressings, some of which provide us with an advantage in managing drainage and promote healing. Our extensive experience allows us to choose the product that will enhance your chances of healing. Wound products, by themselves, do not heal wounds, however, and often what worked for a few weeks might need to be modified as the wound changes.


  • Other measures: we use a specialized skin substitute that has been proven to be beneficial in healing of complex wounds. This material is applied in the office as part of the management of difficult leg and ankle wounds.


  • Advanced Imaging: whether your wound is a result of lack of blood flow (due to arterial problems, PAD), or because your veins don’t function properly (chronic venous insufficiency, CVI), or because you had a blood clot (DVT), we are in an unique position to determine how best to help you and to perform the arteriogram or venogram that is necessary to determine what needs to be corrected so that you can heal.

The images that are are about to view are graphic, please use discretion before scrolling down further.



These two images demonstrate an active wound on a patient that had advanced venous insufficiency (CVI). After dealing with iliac vein compression, performing an ablation of the great saphenous vein and applying a skin substitute with modified compression wraps, we were able to heal this wound.

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